Thursday, June 25, 2009

"The Royal Faery's Nanny"

Well, I wasn't going to do a new blog post until I had a new piece completed but I've had a few concerned e-mails and have realized that its been a while since the last one. These last few weeks have really got away from me.....!
So the piece above is still not quite finished - there is more work to do on the hair and she also needs some wings. These pics were taken at the worktable but I'll be taking some nice finished shots very soon. There is a poem to accompany this piece, which is also not quite finished but it starts off like this:
"The royal faery's nanny has a job that few could bear;
To placate bawling infants without tearing out their hair!"
.....and so it will go on.
I've always been a bit disturbed by The Duchess in Alice in Wonderland and didn't want to make this nanny look at all mean....she is tired and careworn and a little 'over it' but she also has enormous patience and love for her charges. The baby, on the other hand, is a spoilt brat :)
This was lots of fun to do, but I found the costuming difficult to get right. This is the third version and although it's quite understated I think it's right for the character....when you're taking care of babies, clean and functional is probably the most you can hope for!
And speaking of Alice in Wonderland, how amazing do those first pics from Tim Burton's version look? I am SO excited about this....if anyone can do the book justice, he can. I can't remember a time when I've had so many movies to look forward to.....Harry Potter, Coraline, Where The Wild Things Are, Alice, not to mention Del Toro's The Hobbit (ok, I know it's a long way away!) but this is a fantasy film lover's dream come true....very exciting!
On a sad note, I can't end this post without saying how sorry I was this morning to hear of the death of Michael Jackson. His personal life notwithstanding, his music was an enormous part of my life, as a teenager particularly and I'm so very saddened that this is his end after struggling through so much. I spent the morning listening to his music in the studio and it was such a weird feeling of reminiscing about high school years, joy and appreciation at and of his extraordinary talent and great sadness that we'll never know what he might have done next.
Thankfully, the music lives on.
Till next time.