Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Spidergirl"....bondage Queen!

After a total disaster of a day yesterday, I'm so pleased that 'spidergirl' co-operated enough today for me to finish her. I spent six hours yesterday painting tattoo-like patterns all over her torso....but when it was finished I didn't like the effect at all. The idea for her is that she is the ultimate 'bondage' queen, being part spider and all, and I thought that tattoos would work well. Unfortunately, to me they distracted too much from the look I was after, making her look more feral and less sexy.....I'm not saying tattoos are feral, I LOVE tattoos, but they just weren't right on this piece. As soon as I dressed her in leather with the front lacing, I knew it was the right choice. Sometimes it's really hard to let go of something when you've put so much time into it, but I never would have been happy with her if I hadn't gone with my instincts. I'm very pleased with that lovely contrast of the very pale skin against the jet black spider body....you just know she doesn't see a lot of daylight!
So it's now just under five weeks until SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival. It feels a bit strange to not be having an exhibition....this is the first year in the past four that I haven't....but I am excited about having an 'Open Studio'. It's always great to meet and chat to people and most people really like to watch artists at work in their studios....I know I do! It's also nice not to have the pressure of having to produce so many pieces.....although I'm probably working harder now because I feel like I have to make up for all that time spent recovering from surgeries earlier in the year. Anyway, should be a great couple of weeks.....hope those of you who can drop in and say 'hi'.....would love to see you!
Till next time.