Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Seeing as how the year has ended on a fairly bum note for me (see previous post), I've decided to make this last blog post for 2009 a list of some of the wonderful things that happened in my life during the year.

* flying to Melbourne to see Ryan Adams in concert.
* successful re-construction surgery that gave me back that which had been taken away.
* the 'Mutant Barnyard'.
* watching my daughter Taylor have an amazing year that included "Youth Opportunities', Medspace camp, and acceptance into Eynesbury College for her final two years of schooling.
*Patricia Piccininni exhibition.
*joining Facebook and making some amazing (albeit long-distance) friendships that I absolutely treasure.
*SALA Festival.
*seeing my youngest daughter Grace achieve her Brown Belt in Karate.
*Bonfire night and 'Top 5 Songs' with the wonderful Blackeby family.
*a sleep-over at Monarto Zoo.
*a truly fabulous Halloween.....made extra special with gifts from friends in the US and a film of the party shot by the amazing Linda Pill.
*Neil Gaiman....his books and his blog.
*my eldest daughter Megans year 12 success.
*celebrating my 3rd Wedding Anniversary.
*date nights with my husband.
*watching my 10 year old son Noah do his 'robot dance' on the kitchen floor on Friday nights.
*hearing Grace sing.
*the addition of Frankston the Siamese kitten to our family.
*selling out of everything in the studio.
*continued friendship, fun and support from Linda, Nick and Lily.
*still having mum with us after a very close call.

This isn't a definitive list and some things are of more significance than others, but that's how life is. Of course we're grateful for the big things like love of friends and family and triumph over illness, but the little things like reading a good book and laughing at cartoons are what make day to day living such a gift.

Thankyou to everyone who has read my blog over the past year. Your comments and support mean so much to me. I hope that Christmas is a wonderful, joyous time for you all. The pics above are some shots of our house and some of my favorite decorations.
2010 will be a year of change for me and there are already plenty of new pieces just waiting to emerge from my new studio space. I hope you'll all keep in touch.
Till next time.