Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have clockwork on the brain at the moment. I stumbled upon a book put out by the Devices gallery and something clicked in my mind and now I find myself pulling apart clocks and watches and scouring antique shops (thankfully there is no shortage of those here in Strathalbyn) for anything that looks like it may have interesting and beautiful inner workings. Ideas are forming in my head involving faeries and clockwork and keys and cogs and springs......nothing fully formed as yet, but enough to render me continually preoccupied and distracted......although that's a pretty normal state of mind for me, let's face it. I've always loved clocks. Before she came to live with us, my grandmother lived in a little house in Broken Hill that, in my memory, was filled with all kinds of treasures one of which was a large clock with rows of glass pipes hanging below the face. I can remember running my fingers gently along these pipes, listening to the soft tinkling sound they made as they knocked together. I also remember a cuckoo clock, although that may have been in another house.....I would have only been two or three years old at the time. Those clocks, along with a selection of music boxes - two of which I am lucky enough to have in my possession - were completely magical to me. I am still fascinated by them and very excited about the possibilities concerning my work. There is something about faeries and clockwork that just seems right to me.....should be interesting.
Have spent some time in the studio this week working on this creature that I started sculpting last year. During that devastating heatwave a couple of months ago, he actually started to melt in parts. So, I've been re-building and reworking and it's been just heavenly to play with the clay after such a long time. I'm in that state at the moment where I have SO much I want to do that it's very difficult to know where to's an almost manic state but there is so much going on that it's impossible for my hands to keep up with my brain. Fortunately, I know myself well enough now to know that I just have to wait it out......pick a project and go with it and the rest will follow. Very often when I concentrate on something else, the thing that's giving me grief will resolve itself quietly in the back of my mind. I love it when that happens.
Till next time.

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  1. Hi Lorell
    If you have some spare little bits you don't want keep me in mind for a dumping ground. I've been thinking about a necklace made from clock bits. We might be able to do a deal
    Have fun