Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today I am a very happy girl.....after two long days of painting, "Old Goat" is finally complete. This is the first piece I have finished this year, although I have quite a number already sculpted and ready to go.....it's been difficult to concentrate on just one piece. I'm very happy with how this one has turned out.....I think I've gone some way towards achieving the naturalistic look I was after. I've finally realized that what interests me most in regard to my own work is trying to depict an attitude or emotion in the character. For me, this takes precedence over just about everything else and if the piece doesn't have that quality then I feel that I've failed in some way. "Old Goat" looks like he has quite a bit going on inside that shaggy head.....I like to think that, like all fauns, he had a rather "eventful" youth and rather enjoys these moments of reflection that come with age and experience.....there is still mischief to be made, but it's now a more considered and sophisticated affair.
So, there it is.....one down, finally. I took a couple of shots of the completed sculpt of 'spider girl' while I was photographing today, and will most probably tackle her painting next. Then again, I have another attention demanding piece sitting on my studio computer table (it's a long-suffering Faery nanny complete with squalling infant!) built and ready for painting.....decisions, decisions.....might just wait till I get to the studio tomorrow and see who talks to me the loudest. Stay tuned for the winner.
Till next time.


  1. The old goat is really awesome and turned out superb!

  2. He is one of the best pieces of work I have seen this year and he was well worth the wait. Hes wonderful :O)
    Debie x

  3. Old Goat is as good as it gets. You are a terrific artist.

  4. Old Goat is Fabulous...
    You truly amaze me with your talent, keen eye, mastery.
    Where do you sell these Lorell?

    I just wish I could come an hang out and you could teach me a few of your tricks...
    : ) Pattee

  5. Thanks so much everyone.....Pattee, pieces for sale are on the 'Available Dolls' page on my website. At the moment I am sold out except for the witch, Hattie Cackles. I am in the process of overhauling my website and hopefully by the time I've done that I'll have a few more pieces finished and available for sale....they don't usually hang around for long, I have collectors who buy my pieces before they are even finished!
    .....and I would love to hang out with you too....maybe we'll get a chance to do that one day?!

  6. Old goat is really well done. I can see what you mean about the attitude. It really gives the piece such life. Bravo! I too wish I could visit and watch and learn.

  7. He looks wonderful! Ready to step down off his platform :]. Love the 'shifty eyes' look.

  8. Old goat is wonderful. I will have to show him to a friend as she refers to her husband as old goat and he goes around baa'ing like a goat all the time

  9. Was over at Pattee and seen your goat picture I love him and love your work

  10. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you!
    Hope it was a good one!

  11. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!Simply Stunning,
    I need some sculpting lessons!!!!


  12. gosh i thought i had already commented on this...
    i ADORE old goat...amazing, Lorell...
    you never cease to inspire me...


  13. Your work is utterly fantastic, in all senses of the word! So pleased I found your blog so I can drool over your works intermittently!