Monday, November 30, 2009

New Faerie.....and studio woes....

Well, it seems that time is just racing by of late. The comedown of Halloween and the subsequent lead-up to Christmas are partly responsible for the absence of blog posts on my part.....apologies for that.
Those of you who are in contact with me through Facebook may be aware that I have been having "issues" with my studio space for the last month or so. The real estate agent who has taken over management of the group of shops that includes my studio/gallery is acting to significantly change my lease agreement (including a 25% rental increase), but is refusing to provide estimates of actual costs and is basically trying to bully me into agreeing to terms without actually telling me exactly what those terms are. To make matters worse, it appears that she has now involved a third party, who have come in with a counter offer, in an attempt to orchestrate some kind of 'bidding war'. As it stands at present, I have again requested (for the fourth time!) a breakdown of the costs and the exact nature of the increases, so that I can make an informed decision as to whether I can afford to continue renting the premises......or not.
So, this is a very stressful time for me....all of this came completely out of the blue and I must say that her timing is impeccable....not exactly the kind of Christmas joy I had in mind this year! I'm very emotionally attached to my little space. When I moved in there four and a half years ago I had just completed six months of chemotherapy after a breast cancer diagnosis. It was a new start for me and a way to refocus on my art. My husband Guy worked tirelessly to make the tiny area into a functional and inspiring space for me to work in and constructed a gorgeous little gallery to showcase my creations. Over the past few years I've met hundreds of wonderful people, learnt a great deal and produced some good it's very sad to have all of those experiences tainted by a woman who can't even spell my name correctly. Yes, that's a little self-pitying (and a tad bitchy, perhaps) and although those aren't the only emotions I'm feeling at the moment, I have to say that they are the ones currently taking centre stage.
Anyway, while I've been waiting I have managed to complete (except for her wings) a new Faerie....her name is Helena and she is a gentle, peaceful and happy soul. I feel as though she knows something I don't....a common occurence, as I don't know a great deal more than I do after all.
As soon as I have more information regarding the studio situation I will let you all know.
Thanks for your support.
Till next time.


  1. the faerie is lovely and hopefully she will be watch over you and your studio...hope everything will come to a good end. My thoughts will be with you no matter what...

    Love, Andrea

  2. complimenti sempre per i tuoi lavori meravigliosi e in bocca al lupo

  3. She is amazing! Keep your chin up. Sending good thoughts your way!

  4. Oh, Lorell, I know how you feel in many ways. My first studio away from home was such a wonderful place. Not as beautiful as yours is now, but still mine. I lost mine due to a landlord issue too. But, I know and hopefully you will too, that when one door closes another one opens. Maybe that is what your Helena is trying to tell you. Try if you can to save what you have, but know that maybe something better is trying to come into existence. My heart is with you and hope all works out for you and the fae.

  5. Надеюсь, что все разрешится в Вашу пользу! Елена прекрасна! Мне так нравится Ваша работа с цветом и деликатное декорирование!

  6. I am sorry this is happening for you right on Christmas. Fingers crossed it all works out well for you, Love the fairy and just love all your work its amazing.


  7. Lorell, I really hope it works out with your studio, or as said, perhaps find something even better. I've been struggling to finish pieces at the moment as home renovations have turned my studio into a bedroom and lounge room. It's so cramped in there now and my stuff is so disorganize I can't seem to get inspired. If I had a studio as incredible as yours, I would be devistated if someone were trying to take it from me. Please keep us updated to whats happening! Your new fairy is wonderful and looks so peaceful through all this turmoil. Maybe she does know something you do not ;)

  8. your new fairy is lovely, as is all of your work...I am so sorry to hear of your landlord issues, and especially this holiday time of year, although there is never a good time for evil greedy people, please forgive me for saying that but your landlady just makes me she should be gratefull for a tentant that has stayed so long and has made wonderful use of the space, I will be praying for you and your family, and know that what ever happens, good always has a way of rising to the top, at least thats what my granny always said, and she was always right.

  9. The comment below is from my lovely friend Pattee....for some reason it went to the previous blog post, so I've copied it over to here.

    I'm sorry Lorell~ What a crappy way to go into the Christmas season... F her and the horse she rode in....
    I love your new fairie and I hope she'll whisper good tidings to you~

  10. Hi Lorell
    Does the bitch have a boss? Go over her head.
    Karma is a bitch too and she'll get back 3 times the grief she gives out.
    Chin up your doll is lovely.

  11. When I think about you Lorell, I think about that tiny immaculate studio/gallery space with you in it........I find it difficult to imagine you anywhere else, but I know if the worst-case scenario eventuates, you will create somewhere just as delightful to work in. Surely there must be some kind of illegality to requring someone to sign a lease without disclosing the terms of the lease???

    The new fairy is beautiful.

    Wish you All Good Things

  12. Thankyou all so much for your comments and your words of support....I am so lucky to know such wonderful people - I can't tell you how much you've all lifted my spirits!

    Will keep you posted.

  13. Lorell do you still have that cool guy with the pink jacket? And how much is he?
    I love him!

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