Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to work at last!

After a very slow start to the year I finally feel settled in my new space and have spent the last few weeks working on a number of projects. The piece that has my full attention at the moment is the 'life-size' goblin in the first photos. The head took three days to sculpt and another two days to build the body armature and put him together (very awkward at this size). He needs more work on his knees and elbows and there's still the painting and costuming to go, but I'm pleased with him so far. I'm aiming for a fairly high level of realism with this piece....the scale is certainly helping, larger pieces definitely make their presence felt!
You may notice in the studio shots a small faerie girl on my worktable. She was actually my first sculpt for this year, but I was side-tracked by the big guy so she remains incomplete. I will be working on finishing her over the next few days and will post pics as soon as she is done.
I promised myself that this year I would devote more of my work time to drawing (my first love) and the young girl is the first piece of work that I completed in my new studio. While sculpting seems to set off a chain reaction of ideas and concepts in my brain, hammering at the back of my eyes demanding to be let out, drawing has a very calming effect which I completely forget about when I'm not doing it. I'm talking here about tighter, more 'finished' drawing as opposed to rough sketching and doodling (see bottom photo), which I do a lot of, most of it at a frantic pace before the idea is lost. I spent two days on this piece (it's quite large) and it was a lovely way to ease back in to the work year.
And so it begins.......
Till next time.


  1. It is so great to see you back working in your new space. Love the new projects and can't wait to see them finished. Good for you getting into drawing again. I can't seem to push myself to do that. We missed you so nice to have you post.

  2. yay for new blog posts!
    yay for settling into your new space!
    and yay for that handsome goblin!
    he is amazing...
    i'll be excited to see him coming along...
    and giddy to see him finished =]
    i totally agree on the drawing thing...
    and i love seeing your ideas on paper too.
    i've also very much missed being in better
    contact with you.
    but i'm glad to see the year settling into
    what you need it to be...
    mine is just now feeling like it might be a
    good year after all =]

    love you & talk to you soon


  3. Wow Lorell that goblin is off the wall amazing! No words could describe him well enough...

    Drawing is your first love? You do all so well.

    Glad to see you are getting settled!

  4. I love your new piece and studio!

  5. Love the old chap!Older faces have so much character!Big is good isn't it!!So glad you are back into making, and that your lovely drawings are happening more often. Can't wait to see the new photos!

  6. Wow he is amazing.
    Great work.
    Beatiful face with much details.

  7. I am happy to see you again Lorell , such an amazing and strong work ! The Troll is alive !!



  8. There is an award for you on my blog Tom Pouce Dream. I wanted to tell you how much I love your work!

  9. Amazing work Lorell,
    so much detail - even the pores of his skin!
    Can't wait to see him finished.

    Sandy :-)