Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New piece in progress....

So, a number of things have kept me from blogging, facebooking, twittering etc. of late. Not that I'm exactly what you'd call 'prolific' regarding any of these....I just find it very difficult to spend that much time on my computer....but this has definitely been a 'less productive than usual' couple of months for me.
Aside from a general feeling of melancholy (a common occurrence but no less irritating for that), I've been having some major dental work which has involved extraction of wisdom teeth among other delights. I have a classic textbook fear of going to the dentist (heart racing, sweats, sleep disturbance and on and on) and although I have found a wonderful, gentle and sympathetic dental surgeon, the whole process is stressful and exhausting. Unfortunately, my dental health suffered very badly during chemotherapy several years ago and now I'm facing a considerable amount of repair work (partly my own fault of course for letting things go too long.....see *dental fear*). Anyway, the worst of it will soon be over and I've decided to have a break after my next appointment until the New Year. A Christmas season without anxiety is what I'm aiming for.
I've been working on the above piece for a couple of weeks and just finished painting them today. The first two shots were taken after firing and before painting and the next two are after the painting has been sealed. The next step is choosing fabrics and fibers for these two little friends and designing their costumes.
The drawing at the bottom is an idea for another 'Tree Faerie', this one not so frightening as the last. It's colored pencil and ink on cardboard, which is a new surface for me and one that I'm enjoying very much....although it does tend to lift if you muck about with it too much.
Before I go, my awesomely talented friend Linda Catchlove has just released a beautiful range of greeting cards featuring her incredible work. They are superb quality cards by a truly gifted artist and you can see and buy them here.
Till next time.


  1. Your new work is wonderful, so full of personality! :-)

  2. So glad you're back! I'm with you on the dentists, I took 12 years between appointments, yikes!
    Your work fills me with joy and it's especially wonderful to see them as they develop. Wonderful Lorell, really wonderful!

  3. I'm so with you about the "dental" fear.... part of the reason I am is my sociopath of a father was a Get ready for this "A CHILDREN DENTIST!!!! And yes he really is a sociopath.... so I have a huge fear of dentist... I have a woman dentist now and I love her... but it took a lot of coxing....

    I love your guys mostly painted but they were so cute unpainted as well : )

    You deserve a much needed break and so I say to you TAKE IT!

    My love to you Lorell~Pattee

  4. This piece is looking amazing! I can't wait to see the finished article x

  5. I well understand that fear and the melancholy. The melancholy is part of a cycle - you feel guilt that you're not doing anything and that gets in the way of you doing anything so you feel guilt... etc.

    The dental fear is with me too. I have two teeth that have to come out and one of those is a wisdom tooth (I didn't know I had any wisdom!) so I've gone for general anaesthetic. I prefer to be unconscious while they're doing such things. Having been through major heart surgery as a kid, I have a fear of medical procedures generally. Some I can deal with, others are lying in wait... drat 'em!

    I find it best to step away and let it all just go. Deal with the important stuff and take in inspiration from all around you (even the scary stuff) that acts as a catalyst in your head. The break is a brilliant idea. Let your imagination gather input, fresh stuff.

    I hope you have a better new year. My best wishes to you. I don't know if you have a copy, but Katharine Briggs' Dictionary of Fairies is a useful reference. She knew lots about folklore and faerie-lore. Also, keep plenty of cold iron around...just in case the faeries decide to call!!