Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old project, new vision.....

Well the New Year has come and gone and with it went the promise I made to myself to blog at least once a week. What happened? Well, too much actually, most of it far too dull to relate but aggravatingly time consuming nonetheless. So I'm going to pretend that January didn't happen and in that case I'm right on track.
Last year I decided that I wanted to create a "fae" version of the Seven Deadly Sins. I got as far as sculpting two of them (gluttony and vanity) before realising that I wasn't thrilled with what I had created and so I put the project on the back burner and moved on to other things. During the month that never was, I found myself returning to the idea with renewed interest and after making a few drawings am excited about the project all over again.
I still have to finalise the designs for the last three sins, but already this feels much more cohesive to me. I'm really trying to move away from 'human' looking faeries to concentrate more on creatures and making all of the sins Goblin-like seems somehow appropriate.
The seven resulting sculptures and their accompanying drawings will form my SALA exhibition later in the year. I'm still planning to produce a small book for the exhibition and also a new line of cards and bookmarks.
I will be creating other unrelated pieces during this time as well as updating my website and re-starting work on another project that I'll spill the beans on at a later date.
A busy and exciting year!
Till next time.


  1. Yes good idea lets forget january. How are the class plans going? Your guys do look like the 7 sins. How's the puppy.

  2. Can't wait to see what you are up to. Yes, January was a month like that for me as well. It was a month of creative soul searching and figuring out where I wish to go as an artist. Good luck on your journey this year and looking forward to seeing it all. You are always an inspiration to me.

  3. Great drawings, I can't wait to see the finished sculptures. Love the concept too, and much better that they are goblins rather that human style fae, it makes them much more characterful!

  4. Wonderful sketches! I'm really looking forward to seeing these creatures made up. Vanity is too perfect, I'm giggling away :)