Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grandmother Bone.....

I started sculpting this piece early last year, but stopped before the head was completed....can't remember exactly why, must have been distracted by other projects. I went back to it in January after watching 'Young Frankenstein' (a favourite!) and being inspired by Marty Feldman's 'Igor' ("it's pronounced eye-gor") and his wonderful hump and popping eyes. After I had re-worked her left eye, the rest of the piece just fell into place. I also had in my mind the old junk-yard woman from 'Labyrinth'.....I wanted Grandmother Bone to be a collector as well and to have her clothes made up of bits and pieces.
The fabric part of her costume is linen, which I have distressed and 'rusted'.....the rest of it is made up of silk cocoons, mulberry bark, feathers, beads and dozens of individually sculpted little bones which are tied all through her costume. There is a real part of a bird skull on the top of her staff. I'm pleased with how her clothes look 'nest-like' and the fact that she reminded a dear friend of mine of a vulture sits really well with me. She actually makes me think of a bantam chook that's been in one too many scuffles.
The wip photos at the bottom show the head as it was before I 'popped' the left eye.
That sounded really gross.....sorry.
Here's the little poem I wrote for her:

"Grandmother Bone,
face like a crone.
fearsome to all
as she wanders alone.
Indeed she's a sight
with her hair all a-fright
but, she's lost all her teeth
so she really can't bite!"

Till next time.


  1. Lorell, your work is absolutely amazing! I always look forward to seeing new characters, and everytime I gasp with wonder. Grandmother Bone is one of my favorites. I can see the Labyrinth influence, and your mention of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein (Frawnkeshteen) made me laugh. Does Grandmother Bone's hump change sides every so often when you're not looking?

  2. Lorell your work is so magical. I feel as if I am looking into another world through some magical spy glass. Wow, I wish I could learn from you. You are a true master of your art my friend.

  3. Cymru, thankyou! I just love 'Eye-gor's' moveable hump.....'Young Frankenstein' must be the most quoted movie in our household. All my kids have loved it since they were quite small....almost every line is a classic and even the peripheral characters like Frau Blucher and the Inspector are absolutely brilliant.
    "Put the candle BACK!" :)))

  4. Thank you so much Cody. You may get your plan is to go to the US within the next two years. I'd love to teach a couple of workshops while I'm there. What fun we'd have!

  5. Delightfully scary... Incredible detail and very convincing end result. I am very impressed.

  6. It is a great work!!!... Wonderful...I love it!!

  7. Love her, let me know if you want some more silk cocoons I've got a kilo of them. and that's a lot. I've also got silk rods and silk cocoon strippings.

  8. She is amazing! I love Labyrinth and the junk yard women is a fabulous character to draw influence from. Your work always leaves me in awe!

  9. Thank you so very much everyone! I really do appreciate your comments, it means a great deal to me when people take the time to write....I know how precious time is and I, for one, never seem to have enough of it.
    Having discovered Brian Froud's work at the age of twelve (and falling instantly in love with it) it is impossible for me to not be influenced by his incredible creations. Because of his work, the faerie realm is a dark and dangerous place as well as a world of great beauty.....much like our own world.
    It's a never ceasing source of wonder and inspiration to me.
    Hugs to all xoxoxo

  10. Lorell,
    I love it! Fabulous piece of work. Sometimes it is better to put a project aside and go back to it later. I have found myself doing that on a few projects as well. In the end, its always the right choice. I think popping the eye out like you did really brought this piece to life. She's really fantastic!