Monday, October 12, 2009

Living like the Addams family (click, click)......

This past weekend I managed to get most of the house set up for the Halloween season. Due to being so busy with studio committments, this year I have downsized things a bit (not too kids would never forgive me!). So, we will now live like the Addams family for a couple of weeks, which is great fun and something I feel strangely comfortable doing. It's always interesting if we get unexpected (and unwary) visitors - last year, the night after Halloween, we witnessed someone breaking into our car which was parked in the street outside. The police officer who arrived at our house to take the details must have wondered what on earth was going on as he walked up a spiderweb enclosed staircase (complete with web-wrapped corpse), past the mummy in his coffin and up into "The Lab" with our demented Doctor and his table of dismembered body parts!....oddly, he made no reference to it.....
As I've mentioned before, Halloween decorations are relatively hard to come by here in Australia, although the past couple of years have been better with Toys 'R' Us and some of the 'cheap shops' getting in a reasonable range. Most of our props and decorations have been made by me over the years and this year I've received wonderful goodies from friends in the US, which are proudly displayed. My biggest bugbear is that it is utterly impossible to find candy corn here....let alone the magnificent chocolate/caramel variety that was sent to me last year (dear Keri xx). I did manage to get hold of some bubblegum eyeballs and 'gummi' body parts....but it's the candy corn that sends my kids (and me) into raptures of delight....thankyou Pattee! xx
Of course I'll be adding things as we get closer to the 31st - blacklights, dry ice and such - and I'm hoping to do one or two new 'redead' dollies....I found a large, broken, walking one at the op-shop last week. Fun.
Till next time, Happy Halloweening!


  1. WOW! What an amazing display. It took me a while to go through all the photo's, as I didn't want to miss anything. You are a very talented lady...and your work is truly inspirational..
    Have a Happy Day

  2. AMAZING! I really enjoyed viewing your fantastic Halloween display.Very Spooky :)


  3. gorgeous as always...
    and i have some stuff for you
    (that will most likely now be late)
    but candy corn is just as good after halloween, i promise...=)

    but nothing i send you
    could possibly come close to the amazing parcel
    i got in the post today...!!!!!
    i adore you!


  4. Wow! Your decor is truly inspirational for this fun holiday. I am jealous as I wish my abode could be so ghoulishly cool. But, my place is always in such a cluttered mess it seems. Hope your Halloween season is filled with fun. Darn, I wanted to send out some candy corn but, I didn't know if I would be breaking any import rules. Guess not now that I know you have received some already.

  5. Wow You really do go all out for HAlloween!!!!
    Candy corn??? I could eat it all year round...

    After Halloween maybe I can clean up on after Halloween sales and send you a couple more things!


  6. wow, Lorell!! I can't believe I've only just discovered you and your amazing work, and then to find that you "do" halloween as well - I agree how hard it's been to find decorations in Australia, I think I've been to every party shop in Sydney and finished up making most of my own - this is the first year I've celebrated halloween, started far too late (in life as well as in making my decorations) just wait til next year!