Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Trick' & 'Treat' Halloween piece!

"This year I’d like

for you to meet

All Hallow’s piskies,

‘Trick’ & ‘Treat’.

Their acrobatic skills

I’m told

are really something

to behold.

With deftness

and dexterity,

come high-jinks

and tomfoolery.

Into the air

they fly and tumble,

never a mis-step

or a stumble.

Their daring feats

will leave you gasping -

to your seat edge

you’ll be clasping!

They’ll leave you breathless,

but still keen

to see it again...

next Halloween!"

ⓒ copyright 2009 Lorell Lehman

I couldn't resist doing one last Halloween themed piece....I have a number of other projects that I should be working on....but the lure of Halloween is just too strong. The problem is, the more I do the more ideas I get and then they rattle around in my brain, tormenting me until I let them out.
Thanks to Pattee for the 'felty-webby' stuff I used on the little was just perfect! xx
Oh, and yay!....I managed to get a 'proper' Halloween pumpkin cost me twenty bucks!! (which I'm sure is shocking to my friends in the US!), but at least I can make a decent Jack-o-lantern now.
Till next time.


  1. o, wow this is stunning, a real perfect piece for Halloween, I love it!

  2. Its wonderful Lorell, I love the way you have set them and the way everything flows. Its also nice to see them being called piskies xxx
    Debie xxx

  3. Love these guys! Great concept and your story/poem is SO fitting and fun.

  4. This piece is such fun. Great movement it almost reminds me of a totem. I know what you mean about wanting to keep making Halloween pieces. The ideas just keep coming. Wow! You are right, that is a steep price for a pumpkin.

  5. That really is a wonderful sculpture. So many details to look at! Delightful. Yes, you were robbed on the pumpkin, but I do understand the draw. You could always dry some of the seads and attempt to grow your own for next year.

  6. I totally am in love with Trick and Treat!
    They are 2 amazing little fellows. Glad the felty ribbon worked for you... I'm so tempted to send you more... : )

    I know the feeling ~I say no more Halloween but all the goblins and weirdos say NO!

    Yikes $20!!!!! Yes I'm about to faint at that price. I bought 3 big pumpkins for 14$

    Bit what fun you and you're kids will have carving it... don't forget to save the seeds. You could probably grow you're own pumpkins! Or wash them and lay them on a cookie sheet sprinkle with salt and roast them yummm

    Have a great week-end Lorell!

  7. I love this work Lorell! It's amazing the way you have taken the Trick or Treat subject one step beyond. And it reminds me of a wonderful authomata figure of an acrobats couple that I once saw in a museum.

    Imagine how wonderful would be if you could turn this into motion figure. I know, your art makes me fantasize...