Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The end of SALA and an exciting new project.....

After a very slow start, the SALA Festival has ended on a high note for me with an extraordinarily busy final week and a number of last minute sales. The beautiful, sunny weather we had last Sunday certainly encouraged people to get out and about and my tiny gallery space was full to bursting several times during the day.
It was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had as it was also my husband's birthday and our family celebrations extended from Friday to Sunday with wonderful food, music and company each day. I've never known a person who enjoys their birthday as much as my husband does (the night before is referred to as 'Birthday Eve' and the day after is 'Birthday Boxing Day'!) and I derive enormous pleasure from making his day (or in this case, his weekend) as special as possible. As a consequence, our house upstairs was filled with the delicious smells of baking, which wafted enticingly downstairs to the gallery visitors.....pity we weren't selling morning and afternoon tea, we would have made a fortune!
So, on to the next project. A couple of months ago the TV show 'Masterchef' ran a challenge where the contestants had to create dishes based on the 'Seven Deadly Sins'. I immediately began thinking of faerie creatures based on this same theme and have been planning and researching for my own version of the sins called "The Seven Deadly Fae". I just recently completed sculpting 'Gluttony' and have started work on the head of 'Pride'. They will all be sitting or standing on their own small, decorative pedestal and will each have a found object (made of silver or pewter) which is relevant to them. So far I've found a fork and spoon for 'Gluttony' (the spoon even has a 'G' on it!) a mirror for 'Pride', a knife for 'Wrath' and a pot for 'Greed'. At this stage I'm leaning towards the sins all being very pale and neutral with perhaps one introduced color.....but that could change as I move past the sculpting stage. Early on I was toying with the idea of also making the "Seven Heavenly Virtues", but truthfully they're not nearly as interesting (or as much fun) as the sins and the last thing I want to do is come off as 'preachy'......or worse, boring.
I'm very excited about this project and am planning to publish a small format book when they are all completed. I hope you enjoy the pics of the project so far.....will most more wip shots as I progress.
Till next time.


  1. Oh, what a fabulous, and interesting project. I know they will be all they need to be from your capable hands. I can't wait to see each one perched on their pedestal. Your work is to die for and I am in such awe of your talent. I wish you taught classes here in the US. But, I probably couldn't make it anyway. Thanks for sharing with us and I am so happy the the SALA event went well for you this year. You deserve every second of it.

  2. I love your Deadly Sins Lorell!!! You have got it down to a tea~: )

    Glad that you had such a deliriously wonderful week-end!!

    Your husband must find great delight in all the going ons around him, lucky guy!


  3. Oh My Lordy Lorell!!!!I LOVE Gluttony!!His pose and face are gorgeous!!!Such Fun!! SO GLAD SALA went well for you.
    Makes me feel tired just thinking about it all!!
    Looking forward to seeing next ones.
    Glad you're having FUN!!!

  4. What an exciting project! Can't wait to see them all!

  5. Happy to hear your festival ended on a positive note. As for the project....awesome idea!!! The deadly sins sounds sooooo exciting! Can't wait to see where your wonderful imagination takes us!

  6. But that's WONDERFUL news Lorell! A book! I really need one of them so Naomi and I have some consolation until we save the money for one of your art pieces, seriously.

    I'm really excited about it and I think it's a wonderful decision.

    I like what you said about your husband, it sounds familiar to me. We, the Basque people, have this peculiar way to tell someone is a great person when he enjoys a lot little things in life such as good food and singing in good company.

    BTW, about your new creation, I was right when I told you that you're getting into Chaucer's territory. ;-)

  7. Lorell,

    I love your idea of the "Seven Deadly Fae". This is absolutely splendid! I can't wait to see it all unfold piece by piece. "Gluttony" and "Pride" are exactly how they should be....what perfections. Your work is always so full of imagination and inspiring. I find myself always looking to see what you create next. I just love your work. :-) I'm with Cody on the classes in the US. How I would love to be able to enjoy one of your classes. :-)


  8. Hello Lorell,
    I'm in awe of your beautiful work, is the clay you use Sculpey ? Thank you.