Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cold and wet start to SALA.....

The SALA festival kicked off with a bang last Friday, with one of my pieces selling on the first day. Since then, it's been cold, wet and miserable and consequently, VERY quiet. Not to worry....the visitors I've had have been delightful and the response so far has been very positive. With any luck, the wintry weather will let up long enough to encourage people to get out and about.....*fingers crossed* I've taken a few gallery shots and you can see how overcast and bleak it is at the moment, as there is hardly any natural light coming in.....I dislike using the camera flash, so let's just call these 'atmospheric'.

In all other respects, it's been a very busy week. I'm in the planning stages of a new project that I'm very excited about. I don't want to say too much until I have something to show for it, but I will say that it is a multiple piece project and although the theme is one that has been explored often, I hope that I can create a 'different' vision on a familiar subject. I will also be creating a limited edition book in conjunction with this work, but more on that later.....

I'm also planning pieces for next Octobers exhibition at Imagine Gallery in the UK. There are several ideas for themes running around in my head, but I'm having difficulty making the commitment to just one. Perhaps I'm in need of a 'close your eyes and point' type of approach.

Before I go, this Friday is the opening of the 'Schaffas' exhibition. The pieces are being auctioned for charity so I hope that those of you who can will come along and bid (on my piece, of course!) and feel good knowing that the money is going to support improvements in indigenous health.....a very worthwhile and much needed cause. The auction starts at around 7.00pm and as there are over 100 participating artists and designers, it should be a fun night.

Till next time.


  1. Your display is gorgeous and congratulations on your sale!!! I love your pieces Lorell!!

  2. I'm so happy that you had a good time with your opening... yes it did look quite bleek in your studio!

    i'll look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve...

    I'm on vacation but I did want to stop and say Hi~

  3. The Gallery Looks beautiful Lorell. The dark wooden stairs and luxurious red wall are a perfect foil for the white works. An exhibition to be proud of. Congrats on the sale. The weather is supposed to be clearing up a bit next week!(hopefully).
    Exciting prospects ahead for you!Well done.
    Sounds terribly tiring to me- I'm getting older!!

  4. Congrats on the sale and your gallery/studio space looks great. I hope the weather does indeed clear up. The upcoming projects sounds mysterious and I can't wait to see what your up to. As for the show in the UK, I often resort to the close my eyes and point method or just through a dart at all the possibilites placed on a cork board. There's something to be said for the randomness of the universe.

  5. Oh it is so wonderful Lorell , an enchanted world, i congratulate you , it is difficult to imagine that the winter is there .... in Europe it is the summer ...
    I love the " prints " you did add on the wall too... You really are one of my favourite fairy ... Take care and drink hot chocolate with honey , i hug you strong Lorell !

  6. Congratulations on your sale Lorell! Your work looks AMAZING!!!

  7. Lorell I loved your fantasy creatures. It's a challenge for me to create creatures such as yours, mine tend to go right to traditional and serious. I was inspired to make fantasy creatures after a class with Wendy Froud who help to open up another world and road of creativity.

  8. I'm so happy that these things can happen! What you're doing looks like a dream come true and I'm so happy for you and everyone else!

    I know that the day that I can attend one of your magical exhibitions it will be a very very especial day in my life.

  9. Amazing...wonderful presentation of your lovely art.