Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beginning to see the light.....

Just a brief post as I'm about to rush off to tackle one or two items on a lengthy 'to-do' list. This is the third 'white' piece and the second to last piece that I hope to complete before SALA opens next Friday.
I don't often make sleeping figures....for me the eyes are too integral to the life of the piece to have them closed, but when I tried to 'wake' this little faery up she was quite adamant that she did not want to be after three failed attempts, I gave in. As it turns out, she is the family favourite at the moment and the reaction to her doesn't appear to be lessened by her closed eyes.....actually, there is a vulnerability about this faery that makes me feel very protective of her, a more child-like quality than I usually portray. She is still waiting for her wings, which I'm currently working on, then hopefully I can get some nice shots of her....perhaps some by candlelight would look effective? Hmmmm.
So, now I'm on to the last task, which is to complete the life-sized 'goblinish' fellow that I started some months ago and then became side-tracked from. I think he would be an eye-catching addition to my new little gallery downstairs. I've set myself a very strict time-table to work to and, if no major disasters arise, he should be finished by Tuesday next week.
Before I go, I'd just like to mention that my dear friend Koldo Barroso has completed his "Kooky Pets" book and it is now available to pre-order here. I can't say enough good things about this amazingly talented artist and writer. Besides his gift for making beautiful, imaginative and very often humorous art, he is a truly kind and generous person. This is evidenced not only in the incredibly reasonable price of his gorgeous book, but also by the fact that he is including an original (!!) drawing with each of the limited edition copies! Far too good to miss out on .........!
Till next time.


  1. I wonder about how many sleeping fairies are there surrounding us and how are we going to wake them up. There's something irresistibly beautiful about sleeping creatures, so Kudos! And thanks for the mention Lorell, you always so kind and supportive.

  2. Your sleeping fairy is so perfect. I love the expression and pose. You breath such life into each piece. As I have said before I bow at the feet of a master. Thank you too for your kind words on my blog post.

  3. Koldo, I love that idea! There are definitely some places that I can really imagine concealing solitary faeries sleeping the day away, waiting for dusk so they can wake and go about their mischief......and I often think of them in very unexpected places, like old railway carriages, the deposit slot in the ATM machine and the bottom of the fridge.....
    Cody, you are so kind and I do try to give a sense of life to each piece....but truly, I don't feel like a master at all (plus,I should warn you that my feet are in sandshoes day after day! :)....much of the time I'm frustrated and impatient and feel as though my skills still have a very long way to go. The biggest challenge for me is to not let myself get too comfortable with one particular type of heart is mostly with ugly, earthy faeries but I would hate to get locked into doing only that style of doll. I think it's another legacy of Mr Froud that the faery world is so diverse and complex and that there are all sorts of weird and wonderful (and not so wonderful!) creatures inhabiting it. I want to explore it all!

  4. Lorell, I just love this sleeping fairy! She's beautiful. I love the costuming and her face is so sweet. :-) One day, when I am rich, I swear I'm gonna own one of your beautiful creations. In the meantime though, I will have to wish over them and admire your wonderful craftsmanship. I love your work and this piece is no exception!


  5. I think the family is right Lorell her sleeping odes not not take away the beautiful softness of her life.

    She's brilliant!
    Your work always amazes me...

  6. This sweet sleeping fairy with her wonderful feet and hands is definitely my favorite. But, I love monochromatic and she definitely falls into that category with her fabulous costume.
    Wishing you much success in your show.