Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A nanny-goat and a red wall....

I completed the 'goat-woman' piece yesterday after working obsessively on her for the past week....the paint job was more difficult on this piece because she has mostly smooth surfaces on her skin....it's not as interesting as lots of wrinkles but there still needs to be some subtle variations or it comes out looking too flat. I think what finally brought it to life was painting in the blue veins just visible on her breasts and the backs of her hands....her skin is almost white so this added some believability, I think.
I still can't believe my luck in finding the perfect hair for her. Initially, I had planned to give her some beautiful, long, white Tibetan lambs wool locks, but on trying them out they almost cancelled out the horns and really were too white for the piece. Rummaging through my collection of hair (only a doll artist could write that sentence!) I found a small piece of fleece that was exactly the right size and color.....it is a near perfect match for the linen fabric of her dress. The 'crook' was an afterthought....she needed to be holding something and I have no doubt that she would not hesitate to use it as a weapon, if provoked!
I've also included a photo of her 'unclothed'.....the lower part of her body is lamp base, one of several that I picked up on sale at a craft supply place. I'm really enjoying these 'pedestal pieces' and have found the absence of color to be oddly liberating. I find that I'm thinking about things in a way that I haven't before. I've always thought of my sculpting as drawing with clay, but this feels even more so.....although there is less to convey the mood of the piece, there is somehow more.
The last few photos are of the downstairs gallery space and my delicious red wall. It still needs its final coat, as do the now cream plinths, but already the room is lifted. There is so much dark timber down there, it really needed some lightening up.....the black plinths were just too heavy and the beige walls too bland. The carpet cleaner comes on Friday, so hopefully will be able to start setting up on the weekend. Will post more pics then.
Now, it's back to the sculpting table.
Till next time.


  1. Awesome piece Lorell. I know what you mean about pairing down the color choices. I think it actually gets you to focus more on the piece. Don't get me wrong, I love color. But, I too find using very little helps me. I like the idea of drawing with clay. Love the red wall too. My studio at home is painted a delicious tomato red. Oh, and I like the lamp pedestal idea.

  2. Those eyes are wicked ones....lol....and the hair colours is a perfect match x

  3. Oh what a "sweet" lady! I love your creatures, you are very talented!

  4. She's amazing, I love the hair, black eyes and ears!!!

  5. A wickedly awesome piece of art! The muted colouring really adds to the impact that this piece makes. Love everything about her.


  6. Beautiful face.
    And the expression on her face is great.

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing this all come together for the SALA exhibition, Lorell. You have such a talent for creating an imaginary world we can walk into, and be a part of. I love your new work...