Saturday, July 10, 2010

So much to do, so little time....

It's just under three weeks until the SALA Festival and things are finally starting to come together. This will be the first time that my new "gallery space" will be open to the public and so I am anxious to not only have some completed work for people to look at, but also to have the (very small) space looking its best. To that end, we (my husband & myself) have been re-painting walls, re-painting plinths, cleaning and polishing timber work, having carpets steam cleaned, framing prints and drawings and generally running ourselves ragged on the weekends and evenings, which is the only time we have to do this stuff. I was starting to think it was all a bit much until about an hour ago when Guy completed painting the main feature is now the most delicious, opulent red I've ever seen and I am totally in love with it....I keep going downstairs just to stare at it and picture how wonderful my new cream plinths and 'white themed' pieces are going to look in front of it. As far as interior decorating goes, to me there is nothing more exciting than putting 'big color' on a wall. It has completely transformed the room and given me a space in which I'm proud and excited to display my work.

The top three photos are my newest completed piece and the horned woman underneath is further along now and will be completed early next week.....another 'white' piece. The little goblin at the bottom was a diversion and will most likely be a full sculpt, although I probably won't get back to it for a few weeks.

So, the plan is to complete the horned woman, create one more white piece and finish the lifesize goblin I built a couple of months ago, in that order, before July 30th. Oh, and then there's the designing and printing of new cards, brochures, bookmarks etc, updating the website, re-painting the porch with non-slip paint so I don't get sued if someone takes a tumble in the wet weather and at least a dozen other things that aren't even remotely interesting but still need to be done.

I figure if I reduce my sleeping to a few hours a night and forgo any semblance of a social life, I might just about make it.

Till next time.


  1. Que trabalho magnífico. As expressões são perfeitas. parabéns.

  2. Amazing, this is very beautiful.
    Great work.

  3. Fabulous work Lorell....

    I love the idea of a red wall to display your work in front of!

    Take lots and lots of pictures so we can see what is going on and then again on the opening night or day!


  4. Oh GOSH Lorell, I will be sending you lots of positive vibes. Looking forward to seeing the photos as your works progress. I admire your stamina, and sheer determination to follow your dream.A woman to be much admired.
    Well done!!

  5. So beautiful! Don't panic - you'll do it in time! : ) Good luck on the day!

  6. Thanks so much for the encouraging words my friends!
    I will definitely be taking lots of photos and blogging more regularly (fingers crossed!).
    @Judy, you are so kind :).....others might call it sheer stubborness!

  7. Lorell, I just came to your blog from Pattee's and I am completely blown away by your exquisite
    creations (your website is fabulous). So happy to have 'found' you!

    Positive and stress-free thoughts coming your way!



  8. Yes Lorell I do feel lucky to go! My lovely husband set this up for me.... GAil (Lackey) was supposed to come with, but had family stuff : ( but I've found a delightful friend to share the hotel with.

    I think NIADA is thinking of California next year...

    Would I just love to meet you????????????????

    So where ever it is in 2012 ~ I'll be there if you are there! : )
    Love to you ~Pattee

  9. You are an amazing artist!!!!! Perfect!

  10. HI Lorell
    changes to the site look great your new space will look great

  11. @Sue, thank you so much! It's lovely to meet you too....I'm looking forward to a leisurely read of your looks terrific! *Hugs*
    @Pattee, California eh? Sounds promising....
    Hope you have an amazing time Pattee! xoxo
    @Anthropomorphica, you are very kind...thank you!
    @Peta, thank you my friend! Hope to see you at some stage during SALA xoxo

  12. You work is amazing. You are so talented. I love it!
    Shanna @