Monday, March 22, 2010

Slow going on the 'snail' piece....seems appropriate.

The "Dragon-snail Travellers" piece is progressing well, but slowly. All of the painting is finished now but the costuming is proving to be a little more problematic than expected due to the position of the characters....this afternoon I had a total 'brain fuzz' and almost dismantled four days work(!).....luckily, I stepped away for a much needed coffee and when I returned I realized that I was on the right track after all. It's times like that I really envy people who work in teams with other creative souls (truthfully, this envy is short-lived....if I know anything at all about myself it's that I do not play well with others)....
So, I've posted a few semi-cryptic photos and will hopefully complete the piece over the next few days.
Oh, and today I ate a big salad for lunch and everything in it came from our garden....
Till next time.


  1. the piece is turning out wonderful so to see, and love the colours you used on it..

  2. Lorell, I am not surprised its taken a while you have put so much effort into the painting alone, all that detail. Its all going to pay off and look wonderful as per. I used to struggle with costuming big time till I had a go at 1/12th scale dolls, making their little clothes has helped me out bunches with the fantasy pieces. Also its good to step back and re-evalutate. Looking forward to seeing them finished.
    Debie xxxxx

  3. It's coming along beautifully. The detail is so nice. What type of paints do you use? I am always curious what paints each artist uses in their work. I like the matte craft acrylics like Americana for the undercoats then I use Golden fluid acrylics for the detail layers, glazes and such. Someday I will need to tackle costuming. So far my characters do not require it.

  4. oh my goodness, Lorell!
    your amazing details always blow me away.
    i can't wait to see full pictures.
    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  5. I'm so glad you didn't disassemble these beautiful creatures!!!

    There's a lot of work involved here (as in all your dolls).

    Do you paint by hand or airbrush? The painting is so beautiful!

  6. Absolutely beautiful detailing. Your work is amazing.

  7. Wonderful, so beatiful.
    I love this style and the details.

  8. I am in love with the colors!

  9. Another masterpiece by the master herself...Your work inspires me...if I could only paint. Your sculpting is wonderful and your painting techniques bring these figures to life in a way no others can do...waiting to see the finished piece...take care

  10. Your work is stunning, but so are your thoughts around your work. Thank you for sharing