Monday, March 29, 2010

"Stacks on".....goblins!

This past week has been a strange one. There were some definite high points (the completion of the "Dragon-snail" piece and its almost immediate sale being one and a thoroughly enjoyable visit and picnic with a treasured friend being another), but it was also a week of emotional lows which have left me feeling flat and mentally exhausted. In a previous life this kind of week would have seen me diving under the doona, emerging only for Cheetos and a family block of Cadbury chocolate but, I've discovered something....I can still work. Actually, it goes even further than that. If I commit myself to working even when things are going badly, not only is the work often good, I find myself going off on unexpected tangents which may (or may not) result in some satisfying artwork down the track.
Drawing in particular is cathartic for me and somehow allows me to see things more clearly and in a much less catastrophic way. Although I wasn't conscious of it at the time, the drawing that I did on Saturday (top photo) is a pretty accurate depiction of my feelings at the time.....I just thought I was drawing goblins.....
So, although I'm not terribly happy with certain events in my life at this time (and before you lovely folk start sending concerned e-mails, please let me clarify that there is no illness, death or divorce involved, mostly just disappointment and mostly with myself) I am cheered by the knowledge that I am no longer reduced to being a non-productive basket-case just because I'm feeling down. It's very odd when you think about it...I can think of no other profession that lets people off the hook (of working) so easily. Sometimes it feels as though any excuse is a good excuse to not energy, no space, no money, no time, no motivation, no inspiration.
On the subject of 'inspiration' I'd like to make mention of one of my very favorite artists (and writers), Ursula Vernon. Here is a wonderfully entertaining (and in my opinion, spot-on) article written by Ursula for EMG-Zine on just that subject. (If you enjoy the article you may like to check out Ursula's bizarre and brilliant world at Red Wombat Studio)
The up-shot of all of this is that I am carrying on regardless. I've built a small(ish) goblin and have started painting him.....yes, he does have a blue nose and he will also have blue-tipped fingers and toes. I've also been completely re-designing my website.....after three years it's well past due for an over-haul and I'm completely 'over' the black pages. The new site will be lighter and brighter and I'm thinking of moving my shop page to ETSY.....haven't made a final decision on that one, so would definitely welcome any thoughts and opinions.
I've also posted a shot of Sunday nights magnificent sunset and one of the full moon several hours later.
Here's to a better week.
Till next time.


  1. You know they say the moon has an amazing affect on our emotional well being. I am glad you have found the motivation to keep working during emotional trying times. I can learn a lot from your attitude. Your goblin is looking really nice and I am anxious to see how he/she turns out. I LOVE your drawing of the goblin stack. Is it charcoal? On the subject of ETSY I have a shop and haven't really made use of it yet. But, some of my artist friends who do have had some success with it. I hear you have to keep up with it.

    Also thank you for stopping by my blog to check out the Bunny Buddha. Love your photos too.

  2. LOVE that GOBLIN stack!!Made me giggle.Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I've been lurking in the background, and loving your blog for sometime now and I finally have to say what a wonderful and inspirational artist you are. Your dragon snail is just the best ever :)

    I've discovered that painting and sculpting actually get me through the rough times, so I no longer hide when I feel like that's all I can do. The downside is that when I haven't enough time to work, I feel even worserer!!!

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